Sometime, we need share the folder for word, likes apache’s root path or any other project’s folder.
So we need mount the other partition on start-up Ubuntu.

1. CMD sudo blkid
View all the partition of disks.

/dev/sda1: LABEL="SYSTEM" UUID="6A4031254030F981" TYPE="ntfs" PARTUUID="c52dc52d-01"
/dev/sda5: LABEL="WORK" UUID="841C686D1C685C64" TYPE="ntfs" PARTUUID="c52dc52d-05"
/dev/sda6: LABEL="DOCUMENT" UUID="E604677704674A1F" TYPE="ntfs" PARTUUID="c52dc52d-06"
/dev/sda7: LABEL="OTHER" UUID="D2AC7ADBAC7ABA15" TYPE="ntfs" PARTUUID="c52dc52d-07"
/dev/sdb1: UUID="6efcb250-6c3c-4b2b-a9c5-3e3857d5c680" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="3051b101-01"
/dev/sdb5: UUID="6ec85b42-afc6-4e48-bee9-65c6028d514b" TYPE="swap" PARTUUID="3051b101-05"

2.Update config vim /etc/fstab
Each line need contain the following contents:
<file system> <mount point> <type> <options> <dump> <pass>
<file system> : Partition positioning, UUID or LABEL. Eg: /dev/sda2
<mount point> : Mount point, Eg: /media/C
<type> : Partition type. Eg: ntfs or fat32
<options> : default option is defaults
<dump> : Backup partition, default is 0
<pass> : Check partition, default is 0

Add your new partition:

# disk WORK
/dev/sda5 /media/nolan/WORK/ ntfs defaults 0 0

3. Test
sudo mount -a

4. Options
About the options

async / sync
(Yes/Not) Synchronous
Recommend “async” (better performance).

auto / noauto
(Yes/Not) Auto mount
Default is “auto”.

rw / ro
Read and Write / Read only

exec / noexec
(Yes/Not) Executable
This option will control the all files in partition can be execution or not.

user / nouser
(Yes/Not) Allow default user mount partition.
Generally, we choose not allow.

(Yes/Not) Have suid auth.
Allow SUID ?

defaults is same of “rw, suid, dev, exec, auto, nouser, async”.